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More childhood favouritesTues, 25 April 2017

It’s an ill wind

AT THE celebrated Numismata show in Münich in early March there came a turning point in the world of numismatics when, unbeknownst to many at the fair, 30 German law enforcement officers, including three members of the Munich art and antiques squad, raided the event and...

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The Red Books are now here!Mon, 24 April 2017

The BRAND NEW 2018 Red Books are now here! the Red Book is like the COIN YEARBOOK but for US coins - so if Americana is your passion order yours today! Now well-established as THE go-to book for US coins the Whitman Red Book is now available for 2018 - yes 2018, for some reason they are a few...

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The great Apia HurricaneTues, 4 April 2017

Got to stop somewhere

FOLLOWING last month’s new item on George “Johnny” Johnson, DFM, and the on-line petition started by Carol Vorderman and the Sun newspaper to award the Dambuster a knighthood (“News and Views”, March 2017, page 6) our attention was drawn to another medal-related...

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Coins on trialWed, 29 March 2017

Buyer Beware

THERE is an interesting piece by Glen Stephens in this month’s Philatelic Exporter (I know, stamps, I’m sorry, . . . ) regarding a certain well known on-line auction house and scammers/forgers. We won’t go as far as naming the auction house as presumably Mr Stephens has...

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Stop ThiefWed, 22 March 2017

Stolen in a burglary in Willand, Devon on Wednesday March15, a group comprising the UN Kosovo medal, Iraq Medal 2003 (with clasp), Afghanistan Service Medal, Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal and the army Long Service and Good Conduct medal. Named to 25063097 Tpr/LCPL Collingwood RAC 2RTR/SCOTS DG....

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Railways VC HeroesMon, 27 February 2017

It’s an honour, or should be

FOR most of us the antics of a tattooed soccer player with an odd sartorial style and a penchant for strange haircuts would be of little interest, but the recently-leaked emails from David Beckham to his publicist that appeared plastered across various...

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Stop ThiefFri, 24 February 2017

Stolen in a Burglary on Christmas Day 2016 from Chilvers Cotton Vicarage in Nuneaton (I mean come on who burgles a Vicarage on Christmas Day? Really? Shame on you) RAF Long Service and Good Conduct to 8129120J Fg Offr F Seldon.

Any Info dial 101 with Crime reference 23N5/4689ZU/16

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Coin News

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Issue #463 / May, 2017

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Medal News

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Issue #462 / April, 2017

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  • The great Alpha hurricane
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  • Aggie and the Zeppelin
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