The Britannia Medal Fair has been in existence, in one form or another, for over 25 years and is now firmly established as a favourite on the "circuit". Unlike so many other fairs up and down the country every weekend Britannia is a purist medal show, you won't find any guns, ammunition, knives, helmets or uniforms on offer at Britannia - just medals, medals and more medals - maybe with a few books on medals thrown in too!

Held in the Carisbrooke Hall at the Victory Services Club (VSC), Seymour Street, London (just off Marble Arch) the fair was taken over by the MEDAL NEWS team in March 2009 after the previous organisers decided to call it a day. The inaugural show was a great success and it looks like Britannia is back with a vengeance. Currently there are plans for two shows a year - one in March and one in November - although that may change in the future - check back on this page for updates!

Many people have argued that in this day and age - with so much being traded on the internet - the Medal Fair is a relic of the past - why bother getting up early and making a tiring journey when you can collect from the comfort of your home? That may be true but for many there can be no substitute for getting out there and actually handling the medals before you buy them. There can be no substitute for examining the medals first hand, checking the naming, feeling their weight, just "knowing" that they are right. You can't get that feeling from a picture on a screen or a description in a catalogue, you only get it by being there with the medals - there really isn't a substitute for actually holding that little piece of history in your hands. Of course there's no real substitute for actually meeting, and talking to, fellow collectors either. Other media are great for keeping in touch but nothing beats that face to face time with people just as crazy about this hobby as you are!

How to find us

The Britannia show is a fantastic place to come and meet some of those crazy people - with free parking in most of the side streets on a Sunday and easy access from Marble Arch tube it's not a chore to get to and the catering facilities are excellent (or there are pubs and restaurants close by where you can grab a bite to eat the cuisine at the VSC doesn't appeal!) Ex and current servicemen and women can also avail themselves of the Club's facilities at preferred rates if they so wish - so why not come down the night before? Apparently they have and fabulous breakfast on offer!

Britannia is the medal show to go to and whilst we are no longer the organisers we'll still be there and still want to support it, we hope to see you there - check our news page for dates and lists of dealers attending.

The date for the next show is Sunday March 19th starting at 9.30am and ending at 2.00pm and it's now being run by Mark Carter who many of you will know from his other fairs, Aldershot, Yate and Stratford!



Medal News Headlines

Recognition for BraveryTues, 5 December 2017
Looking ahead

AFTER much fevered speculation (OK, it wasn’t that fevered but questions were being asked) the Orders and Medals Research Society (OMRS) have announced that the 2018 Convention will take place in the East Midlands City of Nottingham. Convention moved out of London in 2016 an
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World Record Victoria CrossFri, 24 November 2017
The Unique ‘Mystery’ Victoria Cross and triple DSO group of 11 awarded to World War I “Q-Ships” Captain Vice-Admiral Gordon Campbell, RN, sold at Morton & Eden in London on November 23, 2017 for an outstanding £700,000 hammer (£840,000 including premium), a new world auction record for a VC and any
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Embassy SiegeTues, 31 October 2017
Who gets what?

ONE of the big medal-related stories this past month has been the decision to introduce a new Operational Service Medal (OSM) for Operation Shader (service in Iraq and Syria against IS/Daesh/ISIS/ISIL) as announced by Secretary of State for Defence Sir Michael Fallon (see “
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First Civilian recipient of George Cross for 40 YearsFri, 13 October 2017
A former Special forces Major - Dominic Troulan has been awarded the George Cross for his part in saving over 200 people during the terrorist attack on a shopping mall in Kenya in 2013. The attack, by al-Shabab extremists killed 67 people during a siege of the shopping mall in Nairobi.

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Terry Sole RIPFri, 6 October 2017
It is with great sadness that we learn of the death of Terry Sole, author of "For God, Queen and Colony" - a history of the Colonial units in the Anglo-Zulu War. Terry was, apparently, murdered during a struggle last week at his home in Edenvale, near Johannesburg, police believe robbery was the mot
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