A busy autumn ahead

September 1999, Volume 36 No. 9
IT IS difficult to believe that Autumn is already upon us and with it the start of the numismatic "Season". Usually this is a period of frenetic activity after the long, occasionally hot and almost always slow summer; but this year, if our burgeoning order books and steady increase in readership are anything to go by, there has been no real lull and the new season, though undoubtedly frantic will in fact just be "more of the same". More and more fairs appearing in the numismatic calendar meant that there was something for the collector practically every weekend throughout the summer and even auction house activity continued almost unabated, with the smaller monthly sales continuing to attract good numbers and at least two of the major London houses holding uncharacteristic summer auctions.
The autumn will see the staging of even more such events and in particular the large international fairs which form the backbone of the London numismatic calendar: Coinex, staged by the British Numismatic Trade Association, and the International Bank Note Society's annual World Paper Money Fair. The COIN NEWS team will be attending most of the autumn shows including the World Paper Money Fair on Saturday and Sunday, October 2-3, at the Trade Union Congress Centre, Great Russell Street, London WCI; Coinex at the London Marriott Hotel, Grosvenor Square, London Wl on Friday and Saturday, October 8-9 (we actually have 100 tickets for the Saturday to give away to our readers-see page 12 for further details). We will also be at Collect 99, the collectables fair on Saturday and Sunday, October16-17 organised by Stanley Gibbons (their promises that the new venue of . the Wembley Exhibition Centre will prove more popular than last year's somewhat disappointing Olympia show and their determined efforts to make this one succeed finally convinced us to be there) and of course the ever-popular London Coin Fair at the Cumberland Hotel on Saturday, November 5. These fairs are to be complemented by a plethora of interesting sales both in and out of the capital with all of the major houses planning auctions for this period. In addition the regular fair organisers will be staging their usual events and fox good measure have squeezed a few extra dates into the calendar to take advantage of the many visitors Nom "out of town" who are expected to attend the bigger events. Not only does the coin and banknote collector have all of this to look forward to but, as was reported last month and featured again on "The Back Page" in this issue, from October 24 to 31 the British Museum is to host the first annual "Money Week"-an exciting series of events for everyone from the novice collector to the hardened numismatist, with the general public being encouraged at every turn to look further at this fascinating hobby of ours.

Whilst the strict boundary between the lull of summer and the new season is becoming less defined one thing is certain-this autumn will still have something for every collector to look forward to.

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A busy autumn ahead
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