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June 1999, Volume 36 No. 6
COLLECTING, we are told, is this Nation's favourite pastime - from antiques to matchboxes, from coins to bottletops everyone, it seems, collects something. But when does a collector become a hoarder and what differentiates a pleasant hobby from an obsession? In our view it is the care and consideration a person gives to their collection that sets them apart from those who seek simply to accumulate as much as possible. True collectors care about their collections, they spend time reading about what they have, and what they would like to have, take the trouble to look after their possessions and store them properly. Anyone can amass a hoard of coins or bank notes, all it takes is enough money to buy in quantity ... but there is much more to collecting than that, and with this in mind we are once again pleased to be able to offer our readers a selection of accessories designed to help them with their hobby in the second of our Collector's Choice catalogues which you will find enclosed with this edition of the magazine.
The first edition of collector's choice was a great success and we are confident that the combination of "best sellers" from that catalogue and the new range of material on offer will ensure that this is too. with top quality magnifiers (the 10x is excellent for everyday use with the 20x being especially suited to detecting errors, overdates etc.); some of the best numismatic and notaphilic books available on the market; the superb storage systems used worldwide by collectors and dealers and even stunning prints from the Bank of England to decorate your home or office; we are sure that there is something to appeal to every collector.

We also, of course, feature our own products and you can subscribe to COIN NEWS, buy a binder to house your collection of magazines or treat yourself to the latest COIN YEARBOOK through collector's Choice-and for those of you interested in other aspects of collecting why not take a look at the MEDAL YEARBOOK or COIN NEWS' sister magazine MEDAL NEWS (we'll even send you a free copy of MEDAL NEWS if you send us your name and address).

Collecting is not hoarding and collectors do not simply amass, our readers care about their collections and we care about our readers, collector's choice is designed to help you with your hobby and we would be delighted to hear any suggestions as to what might be included in future editions. Of course all the items featured in the first catalogue are still available, as is the excellent insurance deal offered through H. W. Wood Ltd. - see this month's News and Views for further details of this invaluable service.

For a copy of the first Collector's Choice or to order anything from either catalogue simply contact our sales office: 1 Orchard House, Duchy Rd, Heathpark, Honiton, Devon EX14 BYD. Telephone: 01404 44166, Fax: 01404 831 895 or email:

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In This Issue

Resplendent Island
Coins from Sri Lanka for the 50th Anniversary of Independance recently struck by the British Royal Mint.
The Owls of ancient Athens
The Owl tetradrachm was the most widely accepted trade coin of the 5th century BC. We take a look at this great ancient coin.
Emperor Claudius - the man who would be Caesar. He became one of Rome's most successful emperors despite the doubters.
Henry VIII
We look at coinage of one of England's most colourful and controversial monarchs.
Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité
Augustin Dupré and his post-Revolution design of Hercules for the 5 Franc piece.
On the Fringe39
The Saints
A look at those unusual religious medals portraying saints
The Euro and the collector
What will monetary conformity in Europe mean for collectors and the coin market generally.
Banknote feature45
New Australian note
Australia plans to issue a commemorative $5 note to celebrate the centenary of Federation in 2001.
Banknote feature46
Scots Architect on note
New Clydesdale banknote featuring Architect Alexander 'Greek' Thomson may raise a few eyebrows north of the border.
Banknote feature48
The papermoney of Austria
The first part in a series which looks at Austrian papermoney. This part deals with issues of the period 1759 - 1850.
Collector's notebook54
Capt. James Cook
Captain Cook opened up the pacific for England and there is a rich heritage of coins, medals and tokens commemorating his life.


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