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Medal News: Medal of Merit

Latest Medal News Issue:
Medal of Merit
Issue #431 / February, 2016

In this issue:

  • The Purple Heart
    America’s oldest miltary decoration examined
  • Whose medal?
    A clasp too far for one man
  • The Steady 12th
    Gallantry with the Suffolk Regiment in World War I
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Medal News Headlines

Medal of MeritWed, 3 February 2016
Fair assessment

A FEW years ago, as I am sure some of you remember, there was a Party Political Broadcast for the Liberal Democrat party that had John Cleese quoting a recent poll that had shown that more people (indeed 50 per cent of those questioned) would vote Lib Dem if they thought...
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Napoleons Egyptian CampaignFri, 4 December 2015
A timely reminder

THE recent Aldershot Medal Fair had a superb collection of medals on offer, as Mark Carter’s fairs always do, however, there was one group on display that knocked all others into a cocked hat. It wasn’t on display on a dealer’s table, and it wasn’t being offered by an...
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An Unknown HeroWed, 28 October 2015
All the fun of the fair

Many of you will have recently attended the Orders and Medals Research Society (OMRS) Annual Convention in London at the end of September — but did you know that that is the last convention the OMRS are holding in the Capital, at least for the foreseeable future?...
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Awards to a Polar legendMon, 5 October 2015
Split ends

THE proposed sale of renowned Polar explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton’s medals at Christie’s this coming month (October 8—see News and Views page 6) has got the medal world in something of a spin. The medals that Shackleton was entitled to would make an impressive display were...
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Battling EbolaMon, 21 September 2015
Put up or shut up

THE recent 70th anniversary of VJ day celebrations, televised for all to see, reminded us once again how frail and few in number the remaining veterans of World War II actually are and we all know that come the 75th anniversary there will barely be a handful of them, or...
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