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Medal News: Heroism on the Frontier

Latest Medal News Issue:
Heroism on the Frontier
Issue #450 / October, 2016

In this issue:

  • The Great Game: I—The Hunza-Nagar campaign
    Bitter fighting and an intractable siege in a mountainous region
  • No medals for Thomas
    One man takes matters into his own hands
  • Empire in the sand—the French in the Sahara
    A look at the Medaille Coloniale
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Medal News Headlines

Stratford next weekendThurs, 20 October 2016
The last Stratford Medal show of the year is coming next weekend! (Sunday October 30) and we'll be there with all your favourite titles including the BRAND NEW MEDAL YEARBOOK!
Doors open at 9.30am (for preview - 10.30am for regular visitors - all that means is it's a...
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Heroism on the FrontierTues, 11 October 2016
On Display...For Now

It is with sadness but little surprise that we heard that the Ministry of Defence (MoD) is to sell off no fewer than 13 of its properties to make way for yet more private (civilian) housing. Earmarked for sell-off are sites that include RAF Henlow in Bedfordshire,...
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Stop Thief - reward offeredTues, 20 September 2016
STOP THIEF! Stolen in Cardiff in Feb 2012:

1. Q.G.M./B.E.M./3 Clasp C.S.M./U.N./L.S.G.C. group to 23732227 W/O.1. W.R. Caithness, PARA

2. A.F.M./B.E.M./C.S.M. Dhofar/M.S.M./L.S.G.C. & clasp group to B3521881 Flt. Sgt. D.J. Jones, R.A.F. (includes Sir James Martin Flight...
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Fenian fervourMon, 5 September 2016
It’s an honour

IT SEEMS that the “shock” of Brexit has worn off a little, at least as far as the press is concerned, and they are now turning their attention to the political aftermath, indeed bloodbath, that has followed the referendum vote. First there was Cameron’s resignation, then...
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Island CrisisMon, 1 August 2016
I’m done! So what’s next…?

JUST about everybody reading this Editorial will, by the very fact they buy this magazine, be a collector. Yes, one or two of you are researchers pure and simple, still others may be museum curators and the like, but most of you are collectors and thus, by...
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