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Important Portuguese Coins

Morton & Eden’s next auction on Tuesday November 13 features an important offering of Portuguese and Portuguese Colonial coins from the magnificent Archer M. Huntington Collection. Some 500 pieces are expected to raise around £500,000. This will be followed early next year by the sale of… Read more or leave comments Posted on Fri, 26 October 2012 by Carol
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Sovereign sensation

Sovereign sensation Open House? THERE are a few subjects that dominate my “Comments” in any given year: one is high prices paid at auction (and with the recent record set at Baldwin’s I could easily do the same again this month); another is the future of our hobby with regard to encouraging new collectors and a third… Read more or leave comments Posted on Mon, 22 October 2012 by Alyson Thomas
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Just update

Just update In support of her fellow Token Team Member Abbey (left), who has recently been diagnosed with breast cancer, Klara (right) has having her head shaved for charity! Abbey has had hers shaved in readiness for the side effects of the chemotherapy. The charity in question is FORCE, the Devon based… Read more or leave comments Posted on Mon, 8 October 2012 by Phil Mussell
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