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Astrology and the ancients

Astrology and the ancients Happy Birthday to us! I MAKE no excuses for writing this month’s Editorial as one long “congratulations” to Token Publishing Ltd (and myself if I’m honest), as this month (April 2013—it may be the May issue but we are always a little ahead of ourselves) marks no less than 30 years since Token… Read more or leave comments Posted on Thurs, 18 April 2013 by Alyson Thomas
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To err is human!

There were embarrassed faces at the Central Bank of Ireland as it was revealed that the new 10 euro coin issued to commemorate legendary Irish author James Joyce had an extra word erroneously added to a famous James Joyce quote. As well as an image of Joyce there are three sentences from his… Read more or leave comments Posted on Wed, 17 April 2013 by Carol
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