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Gold for Her Majesty

Her Majesty The Queen has personally received a gold medallion which bears the image of a Strelitzia flower named after Nelson Mandela, called Mandela's Gold. The South African Gold Coin Exchange (SAGCE) and its retail division, The Scoin Shop, which hold the exclusive rights to market the… Read more or leave comments Posted on Thurs, 26 June 2014 by Phil Mussell
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Ireland's 1,000 years of coinage

Ireland's 1,000 years of coinage COIN NEWS, like most other publications recently, has devoted a great deal of time and column inches to the controversial Bitcoin, and, frankly it is beyond my limitations to fully understand it! However, in a recent on-line edition of, I came across a very interesting article written… Read more or leave comments Posted on Mon, 23 June 2014 by Alyson Thomas
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