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Coins on trial

Coins on trial Buyer Beware THERE is an interesting piece by Glen Stephens in this month’s Philatelic Exporter (I know, stamps, I’m sorry, . . . ) regarding a certain well known on-line auction house and scammers/forgers. We won’t go as far as naming the auction house as presumably Mr Stephens has proof of his… Read more or leave comments Posted on Wed, 29 March 2017 by Alyson Thomas
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Coins (and Medals) in the Midlands

It's the Midland Coin Fair this Sunday and, as every three months, it's in the larger Britannia Suite which means the Token Team will be there too! Yes this weekend we are splitting our forces with Phil and the Stratford Medal Show and John and Carol at the Motorcycle Museum for the Coin Fair… Read more or leave comments Posted on Mon, 6 March 2017 by Phil Mussell
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