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Missing Miniatures?

Did you serve in Cyprus then go on to Northern Ireland, Kosovo and Yugoslavia? Did you get this impressive length of service rewarded with an LSGC? Do you live in the Carlisle area? If the answer is yes to all of these do you still have your medals? The miniatures at least? If you don't then it… Read more or leave comments Posted on Tues, 31 January 2012 by Phil Mussell
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A group reunited

A group reunited Ignorance is bliss? SITTING down one Sunday evening to watch BBC1’s new drama Sherlock (apologies to those outside the UK who may not know what I’m talking about—essentially it’s a modern day rewriting of the classic Sherlock Holmes and is really rather good), I was somewhat put out to find the… Read more or leave comments Posted on Mon, 30 January 2012 by Alyson Thomas
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