Honour those Mentioned - The Air Forces

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Honour those Mentioned - The Air Forces The first of four books by Michael Maton detailing awards of the Mention in Despatches (MiDs) to British and Dominion forces in World War II.

This volume deals with the Air Forces with those covering the Army (split alphabetically A-K and L-Z) and the Navies (including the Merchant navies) also available.
As with the other books in the "Honour" series this wonderfully useful tome lists all recipients alphabetically, also including their rank, which Air Force they served in, which theatre of war the "MiD" was for and the page of the Gazette where you can find more details.

Like the now out of print "Honour the Air Forces" this book is an absolute essential for anyone interested in the Air Forces or WWII gallantry.

ISBN: 978 1870192 156