Honours and Awards 1854-1914 & 1920-1939

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Honours and Awards 1854-1914 & 1920-1939 Michael Maton’s latest book in the “Honour” series concentrates on two historical periods. The 60 years from the Crimean War in 1854 until the outbreak of the next major European conflict in 1914 and then the period of relative peace in Europe from 1920 until the outbreak of the Second World War in 1939. During these two time periods British and Dominion Forces were engaged across the world, first building then defending the Empire on which the sun never set. Prior to World War I British and Empire Forces saw action in Russia, Canada, China, New Zealand, Africa, India and all points in between. After 1920 Africa and India became the main focus of attention until 1939 when Europe was again thrown into chaos. This new book looks at the Honours and Awards bestowed on the soldiers, sailors and, later, airmen who fought for Queen (and Kings) and country to help ensure that Britain’s influence spanned the globe, influence that is still very much in evidence across the world today. From the institution of the Distinguished Conduct Medal, the first dedicated gallantry medal for other ranks in 1854 through the introduction of the Albert Medal and the recognition that gallantry doesn’t have to come whilst facing an enemy and on to medals awarded for gallantry in the skies – all the major awards that were “Gazetted” in the London Gazette during the time periods specified are covered.

ISBN: 978 1908828 293